Corinna Heiberg’s Random Pictures from Chisang Clinic

Gita holding a baby coming in for a check up

Yamuna taking a blood sample during community outreach

Woman getting her temp taken at community outreach event

Suture of Shishir’s forehead

Staff and Becky

Shishir post-suture!

Painting – always improvements being done to the clinic

Mother and newly born child during home visit:interview

Heading off to set up for community outreach on the clinic’s bicycles

Corinna standing in front of the rice field she planted with her parents, Anita, Laxmi, and Ashley

Corinna holding a baby during an interview regarding the pregnancy and birth

Corinna cleaning and bandaging a wound at community outreach

Corinna being blessed by the local priest in front of the temple

Community outreach

Community outreach at Narayan chowk

Clinic staff organizing the supply cabinets


Becky seeing patients at community outreach

Baby getting weighed for the growth chart

Alaka examining a patient at community outreach



  1. Barbara Ward

    So proud of you all. Thanks for sharing pix.I am Ashleys mom.

  2. I am so proud of you, too–and I am YOUR mom 🙂

  3. Carly Bransford

    Hey cousin

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