Meghan and Chloe’s Experience at Chisang Clinic (Vol. II)

To conduct the feasibility study, a doctor from the United Kingdom came to the clinic and we set up a research team, with another nurse from Nepal, to write up a draft for all the considerations a birthing center would need. During the two weeks the doctor was at the clinic, we worked on bringing all the pieces together. We were lucky to have power 24 hours a day while at the clinic, but as there was no internet, frequent 45 minute bus rides to internet cafes became part of our routine. The project was both a learning experience for us, as well as a chance to both develop and plan for education for future patients of the clinic.

What we ended up creating was an outline with a variety of information and suggestions for future volunteers. It included an outline of clinical protocol, basic space and equipment needs, education material for patients, paperwork for clinical use and staffing needs. After it is finished, it will be submitted to the Nepali government for approval. Then work will begin on physically building the clinic and gathering supplies. While at the clinic, all construction efforts were focused on a second clinic being built in the hills north of Bhaunne. A full-time carpenter busily worked on furniture for the new building while we were there. So not only did we get to volunteer as nurses, but we also tried our hands at carpentry. The carpenter was nice enough to let us give bed-building a try.

Another skill we attempted to hone while at Chisang Clinic was cooking. The girls who take care of the volunteers made great food. We wanted to be able to impress our friends and families by learning their secrets, so they were kind enough to show us a few tricks. They even let us cook for them on Christmas morning. And to our surprise, everyone seemed to like it. We still have a ways to go when it comes to making Nepali food. However, what’s important is that we soaked up as many experiences as we could while we were there. And from the beginning, nursing was just one aspect of our trip to Nepal, the culture and the experiences we had outside our work left a much bigger impression on us.


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