Chisang Clinic is a non-profit organization established in September 2010 in Bhawanee Village, Dangihaat VDC in Morang District in far eastern Nepal.  Since it opened its doors to patients in April 2012, the clinic has already seen over 2,200 patients and received tremendous support from the surrounding community.   A second clinic based on the same model will be opening in Fall 2012 in Jorpati Village of the Dankuta district in eastern Nepal at an altitude of 8,200 feet. The aim of both clinics is to provide affordable, quality healthcare to the rural and underserved populations. Chisang Clinic was built with the mission of proactively seeking people in need of health services and continues to work towards this goal through outreach and adapting to meet the villagers’ health concerns.

This blog is entirely maintained and contributed by the Chisang Clinic’s volunteers.  This blog is currently maintained by Chitij Karki, a student at Rato Bangala School, and a volunteer at Chisang Clinic over the winter of 2011.  All of the posts in the blog are contributed by volunteers who had spent time at Chisang Clinic.

If you wish volunteer at Chisang Clinic, please write to us at chisangclinic@gmail.com


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